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 Event: St Andrews
 What’s on in St Andrews, Scotland
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Pete Lindsay pete@event-standrews.co.uk.

FAQ: Do you have any more information on [some event]?

Answer: Almost certainly not. Really. Please contact the organiser or venue.

To Add Events listings…

…Just mail me the details.

2. Events should be open to the public and within, or very close to, St Andrews. The rule of thumb for very close is whether I’m prepared to walk there from the town centre.

3. The information to send is:

Date: recurring events can give a day: “Tuesdays” or “first and third Tuesday” for instance, but a start date is helpful even so.

Time: start time, and end if possible. Essential for individual events, helpful for long duration events, e.g. opening times for a week-long exhibition.

Title: this is the bit put in bold.

Description: type of event, plus short relevant details such as performer, composer, author, warnings of strong language, age limits, audio described performances, &c. Keep it short: I may edit.

Organiser: company, group or person, if it isn't obvious from the title or description.

Location: where the event is taking place.

Link: a web link for your event details is really helpful if you have one — helps confirm it for readers, and I’ll probably use it on Twitter on the day.

Contact: for tickets or further information such as phone number and/or email.

Cost: cost of entry.

(Date & Time, Title, Location are the bare essentials.)